According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), at least 1 in 5 adults in the United States experience mental illness in any given year, while 1 in 17 experience a serious mental illness that substantially limits their life.

Our mission and vision at Essence Place is to create a space for people to experience holistic transformation by God. This means allowing the care and transformative power of Christ to reach the whole of who we are. Our mental and emotional health whether experienced through diagnosed mental illness or seasons (episodic) of depression and anxiety are all opportunities to experience God’s love and care. There is often a stigma and shame attached to mental illness or feelings of depression and anxiety. We are determined to break that stigma and allow Christ to break the power of shame where we no longer hide the struggles we face from God or our community. We are committed to the following:

  • Through resources, education, and support from mental health professionals, we desire to improve people’s understanding of what mental illness is and what to expect in symptoms.

  • Help individuals and families find local resources for support in the illness.

  • Talk about mental health openly and often so the topic loses stigma and shame.

  • Help our community to know where God is present in it all, and talk about integration of spiritual, emotional, and mental health.




Essence Place Sermon Series:
Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health



Pastoral and spiritual counseling - Contact us for support in your path to wholeness

If you are in need of spiritual guidance and pastoral care related to your mental health, or you are uncertain if you should pursue professional care, please contact us to set an appointment. Our Lead Pastor, Christan Causey, has certification and training in Mental Health First Aid, and certified ministerial caregiving through national caregiving program, Stephen Ministry. Pastor Christan can work with you to help you explore and find God in the midst of your emotional and mental pain, and identify the need for professional care - as well as help you find the resources you need.

Both of our Lead Pastors, Brad and Christan Causey, will help you navigate finding God in the midst of emotional and mental pain and illness. As a supplement to professional care, through coaching and pastoral care methods they can help you anchor your path to wholeness in God who cares so deeply for you.

If interested in finding more information or setting an appointment, fill out the form. It will be confidentially sent directly to Pastor Brad and Pastor Christan.

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Links to local counseling centers

Finding a counselor/therapist can be overwhelming. It can also feel risky and vulnerable. You are preparing to offer yourself to someone you do not know and not sure if you can trust. All of these feelings and more can cause us to be hesitant and connecting with the professional care we need. Know that these feelings are normal, but it is worth the strength it will take to move forward with that phone call. Sometimes you will find the right person the first time, and sometimes it will take several tries. The important thing is that you keep on trying. Many of these counselors take a variety of common insurances including state healthcare. Find someone to help you be accountable to making that phone call and setting the appointment. We will be happy to help you as well!

Find education on mental health for yourself or your family/friends

It is so important to educate yourself on mental health. Define mental illness, learn about symptoms, and learn how to care for yourself or for your family and friends. Care must occur in a holistic way through your faith, through professional resources, and through your community. Below are some great resource sites that will help.


MORE Questions?

Contact us by using the above form. We can answer questions, give specific education, and recommendations.