A church and center creating space for community, transformation, and impact.


We envision Essence Place to be both a church and a community center. We began by offering interest meetings and gatherings in our home. From the start, our focus has been building relationships and integrating our family into the community.

In short, we desire to not just be a part of the community, but to belong to the community. This has also been the starting place for our Launch Team, and has allowed us to begin to see growth.
We have begun to establish a presence in our local neighborhood through the weekly rental of Charter Oak International Academy for our Sunday gatherings.

Initially, Essence Place is operating in partnership with both Reach Northeast and the Southern New England Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God.


Through this partnership, 501c3 status for Essence Place has been obtained. The long-term goal (future-oriented) is to also pursue a separate 501c3 for a non-profit community center (Essence Center).

Together, Essence Place and Essence Center will work in partnership to impact and care for the West Hartford and Greater Hartford communities. In the present, the church and community center operates simultaneously through Essence Place.

We believe that when the power of community and inward transformation takes place, a vibrant outward impact will follow. We cannot wait to see amazing things happen as we step out in faith, and pursue this vision!


Brad and Christan Causey
Lead Pastors
Essence Place
West Hartford, CT

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